Senior Portrait Scholarship 2018-2019

I would like to welcome the new senior class of 2019!  Guess what?  You have put in 12 long and hard years of school preparing you for this final year.  The year that you decide what YOU want YOUR life to look like beyond your high school years.  There are so many options between college, trade school, construction and so many more.  With those hard decisions that you are starting to make comes the next question: who are you going to let document your life at this stage?  I’m talking about senior portraits.

Senior portraits are much more than just photos.  It is documenting the last of your childhood and the beginning of your adult life.  It is documenting the innocence you still have and the determination you currently are harboring.  And it is documenting the time of your life when YOU start to decide your entire future.

Professional photos can be very pricey; I believe that quality photos should still be at a reasonable cost.  Yet, even at reasonable prices some students still cannot afford them.  Well guess what?  This year a big change I will be making to the scholarship is that if you know of a senior who is less fortunate in their financial situation then you can submit them to receive one of the five scholarships that will be awarded to students who are submitted by their peers or authority figures. I will still be giving out five scholarship sessions to seniors who apply for themselves.

How to Submit to The Scholarship Program:

To enter yourself please send an email of a minimum of 1,000 words about your plans for college or the four years after high school.  Let us know about the colleges/education programs you have applied to (or applying too).  Include how you plan on getting into your college/program such as community service work, GPA, clubs/sports and scholarships that you plan on applying too.  Also attach a photo of yourself.

To enter someone else please send an email of a minimum of 1,000 words about why this person deserves a free photo session.  Please explain relation to the student.  Include information of outstanding academics or their services to the community.  I want to hear how this student is overcoming the situations that they have been presented with in their lives.  If you know of their plans for after high school please include that as well in the submission and attach a photo of who you are submitting.

I want to hear why YOU deserve a free three-hour senior portrait session!

All of the scholarship winners will win:

  • Two hour photo session
  • Two locations in the same day
  • Unlimited Outfits
  • Photo Disc
  • All Photos Soft Edits
  • 15 Photos Full Edits

I will be choosing five winners from each submission section.  Three of the winners from each category will be chosen from the Greater Kalamazoo/Battle Creek area and the four left over will be from all over Michigan.

Submit essays to

Essays must be submitted by September 1st, 2019.  However, if there are enough submissions interested in a summer session then I will consider choosing a couple of the recipients by July 31st, 2019.