When you find something your this passionate about the only thing you can do is succeed.

My name is Emily Tschirhart and I am a Michigan photographer based out of Waterford, Michigan.  I grew up in Davisburg, Michigan.  Photography sessions are so much more than just taking photos.  It’s capturing the sweet moments of what makes life so great: you and your family.  It’s cherishing those blooper photos that sometimes turn out to be the best ones.  It’s when I am able to photograph all of the candid smiles while we all laugh till our cheeks ache.  I take my time and put my heart into the photos we create together, so you love the moments we capture.

Portrait photography is a passion of mine.  I love to capture how someone looks and encapselate it in a moment in time forever.  We will never get yesterday back, and when we have the option we can keep yesterday frozen in time. 

Wedding photography is the holy grail of beauty.  There is nothing more candid that the moment that a groom sees his bride for the first time, or the joy and love that can be felt once “you may kiss the bride” has been announced.  I love to freeze a day in time that is the start of a new chapter, and when a family includes me in this day I strive to deliever the best images.  From the detail photos of rings and invites to the moment a bride and groom become man and wife.  It is all beautiful, and I would love to stand by your side and capture this day. 

Food phototgraphy is one of my absolute favorite things to shoot, and yes being fed yummy food all day is definietly a perk!   What I love most is that food photography is studio photography on a smaller scale.  This rolls right into product photography.  When I can look at food, or an item, I can say I want to create art that looks this way then manipulate light and color — in camera — to bring the idea to life.

When there isn’t a camera in my hand you can find me with my dog hiking somewhere, cooking (there is usally a camera involed here) or in the gym.  I love to go on adventures.  The best adventure is life, lets caputre it. 

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